We are so proud to have rippled into different cities in Ontario and are amazed at how ROK continues to grow. Our co-founders opened the first chapter in Barrie with the hope to make a difference in their community and give back locally. This method and passion has inspired women in Orillia, Muskoka and London, and together we have opened those chapters and rippled kindness into these communities.

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Pssst… We have some very exciting news to share with you! Ripple is continuing to grow and we have more chapters opening soon. Stay tuned!

Barrie Chapter

Our founding chapter was born in Barrie, Ontario and is now 270 women strong!
We opened this chapter in 2016 with the hope that we could grow and share our passion for giving back and supporting locally within the community. The Barrie directors are also our Ripple of Kindness Co-Founders Mary-Anne Frith and Barbara White.

London Chapter

The London Chapter was the third chapter to open in 2019. The directors are Anne-Marie Foreman and Winnifred Barnett.

Muskoka Chapter

The Muskoka Chapter was the fourth chapter to open in 2019. Reaching out via Social Media, Beth Grixti and Courtney Provan were all-in right from the beginning. They were so excited to ripple kindness north.

Orillia Chapter

The Orillia Chapter was the second chapter to open in 2018. The directors are Amber McGarvey-Moreland & Raquel Ness, who saw the need in their community and wanted to have a ROK chapter for the women where they lived.