Mission Statement
 A Ripple of Kindness is a gathering of like-minded women who recognize the need for community support,
initiating change together for the greater good of Simcoe County.

Thank you for reaching out to us for more information about our amazing community support program.  We are so excited to share in the kindness of our community and look forward to the difference these donations will make in Simcoe County.  Barbara White and Mary-Anne Frith have come together to connect our community of motivated, busy women and create an opportunity for us to be part of something great in a social setting without requiring a large time commitment.  This concept has resonated with so many women and the response has been absolutely amazing!  Please feel free to extend invitations to any of your friends that you think would like to be part of our membership.
We look forward to what lies ahead and how our ripple can create great change in our community.

How it Works:
Twice per year, two eligible recipient will be selected from a group of nominated organizations based on the membership vote.  Organizations will be nominated by the membership and required to provide information to help clarify their funding needs. The initial Ripple of Kindness “give” went to Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka as they were the inspiration for this program.

The Vote:
Successful recipients from the chosen nominees will be decided by majority of the membership via an online voting survey.    
Membership Donations:
A minimum one-year commitment is required to ensure maximum impact for the program.  Once the recipient has been determined, members will be required to make their payments by either cheque or credit card directly to the recipient before the Donation Social.  Each member is responsible to submit their payments even if they are unable to make the social regardless if their charity of choice was selected.  Each member commits to an annual donation of $400.00 split between four successful recipients.  Two $ 100.00 payments will be made at the September donation social and the March donation social.  A charitable donation receipt will be issued directly to the member.  The membership is responsible to ensure payments are made to the recipient charities by the end of the donation month.
*All personal contact information will be kept private within the membership committee.
Eligible Recipients:
As mentioned previously, eligible groups will be a charity or organization that are local within Simcoe County.  We are looking for groups that have little or no government funding and require the assistance of their generous community to operate.  If the nominated charity is local, Simcoe County, who present a need for the greater good rather than the need of an individual, they qualify for nomination.
Groups can be anything from illness-based support, social and community give back programs, low-income assistance programs etc.  Anywhere the funds will provide relief and the membership feels they would like to give.

In the voting process, groups would be required to complete an outline that will provide the membership with information such as their current funding received from any level of government, what their greatest need is at the current time, where they would like to allocate the funds should they be the successful recipient etc. This information will help the membership determine their vote.  

Members are encouraged to nominate a group or charity they feel could best use the donation.  Each member is limited to one nomination per vote and all eligible nominees will be presented for the membership to vote on.  Once the recipient is chosen they cannot be eligible for consideration again within a two year time period.  The groups not chosen are eligible immediately.   

At each social we like to provide beverages and light snacks for our members to enjoy and have been fortunate enough to receive sponsorship thus far.  If you, your business or a group of friends are interested in helping with an event sponsorship in any way, please contact us via email.

 We are always looking for venues for our future events as our membership grows.  Please let us know if you or someone you know can help us out.
Membership “Social” Schedule:
The membership will meet quarterly through out the year with the social dates listed below.  Attendance is not mandatory …..we understand that “there’s always something”, so don’t worry.  If you are unable to attend a “social” you can find all past events posted on our website.

Keeping In Touch:
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Please add us to your contacts to avoid the “junk” mail abyss